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01-27-03, 08:42 PM
http://www.dangerden.com/ Well...The PimpRig and Danger Den contest is under way...pulling the contest rules from Pimprig:

Yeah thats right!!
PimpRig.com in conjunction with our KICK ASS sponsor Danger Den.com will be starting a scavenger hunt on monday to giveaway a full 1/2 Inch kit shipped ANYWHERE in the world!!
Finally a contest EVERYONE can enter. Unless your name is Osma and you live in a cave then poo on you!!
So tell me DW what do I have to do to win?
Glad you asked!
There will be hidden words to make a sentence on Danger Den's website starting monday. You have to go to www.dangerden.com and surf the website to find all the words to the sentence. Then email your entry to contest@pimprig.com .
In the subject line you need to put your PimpRig.com user name and the words contest entry.
Example : digital-world contest entry
In the body of the message put your guess at the complete scavenger hunt sentence and that will enter you into the contest .
Random winner will be chosen amongst all correct entrys.
This Contest is open to all registered members of PimpRig.com except for me .
Whats that your not a member?
Well what are you waiting for. It's free and it rocks and well its just the right thing to do.
"You aint cool unless you join PimpRig"
To become a free full fledged member of the most Kick Ass Site on the Net ClickHERE.
Good Luck and I hope to see all of you enter the contest!!
Entry Deadline is Friday January 31st. Winner will be chosen at random and contacted by email so be sure to give a good address!!

The Prize is

Maze 3 Water Cooling Kit Complete:
Choice of AMD or Intel Block.
GPU cooler Choice of Radeon or Geforce 4
Chipset Cooler
Black Ice Extreme Radiator in Black
Clear Reservoir
Hydor L30 Pump (350GPH)
1/2 Inch fittings on the entire kit !!!!
10 feet of ClearFlex 1/2 inch tubing
hose clamps and all necessary hardware!!
This kit is complete and top of the line!!
This is EXTREME COOLING and will make some very lucky winner Uber Pimp!!

Good luck!!!

Danger Den does expect a shipment of reservoirs this week and a lot next week. We do have some good details about the reservoirs...They will be shared later.


01-27-03, 11:21 PM
nope not me.

01-27-03, 11:22 PM
i only found one so far................. well i think so lol