View Full Version : New MOBO and CPU. Any effect on hard drive and system?

01-26-03, 01:40 AM
hi guys/gals

i currently have a AMD 800mhz CPU and an ABIT mobo running on W2k with SPk3. with 512mb SDRAM.

i want to move up to a faster board and CPU, AMD XP still with DDR.

can i just buy a new board and CPU, hook up all components and hard drive to it and not experience any problems?

or will i run into issues when i boot up with the new MObo and CPU running on the current drive.

doesnt windows remember what MHZ and board you're running and any changes to it will affect your system files?


01-26-03, 02:04 AM
You will most likely need to reformat and start over but you can try to uninstall all hardware via device manager b4 your final shutdown on your old system and then try the same install on ur new system...caution...backup anything vital b4 attempting anything though.

01-26-03, 02:16 AM
you didnt mention which version of windows you're running...

I'd back up your data first of course, but I have just swapped in a new mobo before. This was done in haste because I had sold my own one and wasnt going to have a chance for at least a week to do a reinstall with the new hardware.

So, while you can just swap out a mobo and cpu... it is advisable to reinstall windows as soon as you can.

01-26-03, 06:30 AM
Sometimes you can just swap motherboards and keep your existing Windows installation...sometimes you can't.

If the new motherboard is similar in chipset, nor not too radically different, removing old drivers and installing the new drivers...plug and play usually will juggle around and install the new devices properly, re-locate various system components....and you'll be up and running.

If the new motherboard is radically different....sometimes you just cannot boot up that first time period, Windows will blow up on bootup.

Most of the time, you end up with a system that does not run optimally. You'll get those occasional lockups, or hangs, or blue screens, or a computer that just won't shut down properly, you're printer may start shooting out a blank page after every print job, etc. Odd quirks like that. Compare the system to the same exact system but a fresh install...compare in benchmarks...and you'll find it doesn't perform as well.

Windows will take an upgraded CPU fine, but it's the rest of the motherboard that it will at first freak out on. Every device on the new motherboard will be re-loaded...all those buses, controllers, system resources, etc.

01-26-03, 10:10 AM
I have, in a pinch, had success with an "over" install. That is putting the OS disk in when it boots up so it can get the correct drivers, etc., with-out lossing your data. It will just over write the necessary system files...
A format and clean install is the best though...