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01-25-03, 02:31 PM
How does this work when u have the Line in/Line Out/Mic jacks only for a motherboard... i have those jacks, and 5.1 support...

01-25-03, 02:33 PM
you plug in the cables

01-25-03, 02:35 PM
there should be another jack or i think the input becomes the exta out....

01-25-03, 02:36 PM
Originally posted by Brent
you plug in the cables

there should be software taht came with the mobo..

install it, and there you can switch ports ;)

01-25-03, 03:21 PM
the "line in" jack should switch as a Speaker out for your rear channel.

01-25-03, 03:54 PM

For example, on the C-Media "onboard" you should be able to configure the I/O jacks w/software installed & enable speakers like so:

Headphones & 2spkr:
Green=Line Out/Front Speaker Out
Blue=Line In
Pink=Microphone In

Green=Line Out/Front Speakers Out
Blue=Rear Speaker Out

Green=Line Out/Front Speakers Out
Blue=Rear Speaker Out
Pink=Center/Subwoofer Speaker Out (Microphone-In disabled)

Of course, this going on what my mobo came with, yours could be similiar or totally different. All-in-all, once you load the software for your on-board sound you should be able to access the "advance" configuration options within the program but once again....:rtfm: Good Luck!!

01-25-03, 04:16 PM
thanx.. thats what i though.. Was asking for a friend, cause i have an audigy to do all this :)