View Full Version : Is my motherboard compatible with normal SDRAM?

01-24-03, 03:43 PM
My motherboard currently has DDR RAM in it here is my mb specs even tho you don't need to know a lot of this I will put it anyway

IM845GL Motherboard

Micro ATX Form Factor

Intel Celeron Processor In The mPGA 478 Pin Package

Two DIMM Sockets, Expandable Up To 2 GB Using 1 GB DDR SDRAM Modules

Two Built-in High Preformance Auidio Codec and PCI Audio Controller In Intel 82845GL GMCH

SMSC LPC47M190 Super I/O Controller

Realtek RTL8100B LAN Controller

Advanced Power Management (APM) and Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

Three 32-bit PCI expansion card connectors

One AGP expansion card connector

System BIOS and Video BIOS Shadow RAM

Plug-and-Play (PnP) BIOS Feature

Password Function Using BIOS

So is it compatible with regular SDRAM if I take the DDR RAM out and just put in regular SDRAM?

01-24-03, 03:47 PM
no it is not

DDR is 184 Pin
SDR is 168 Pin

01-24-03, 03:51 PM