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DOCSIS DOCSIS ( Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification ) is the Cable Modem standard that defines the interface requirements of high-speed data transmission over cable networks. Cable modems often have a "CableLabs Certified" logo on the devices to indicate they are DOCSIS compliant.

DOCSIS 1.x (v1.0 1997, v1.1 1999) 38 Mbps downstream, 9 Mbps upstream. Version 1.1 standardized QoS support.
DOCSIS 2.0 (2001) 38 Mbps downstream, 27 Mbps upstream.
DOCSIS 3.0 (2006) 38 Mbps downstream, 27 Mbps upstream per channel, 4+ channel bonding, support for IPv6.
DOCSIS 3.1 (2013) 10 Gbps downstream, 1 Gbps upstream using 4096 QAM.

See also: CableLabs.
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