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Thread: You Tube & Time Warner Broadband

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    You Tube & Time Warner Broadband

    I have had trouble watching You-Tube videos for some time. Ever so ofter a pop up appears with Google blaming TWC for poor broadband service claiming the bandwidth is insufficient. I have 30MB/s and I can confirm that since I run a bandwidth monitoring program all the time (Bit Meter).

    Watching the 'stream' if you can call it that looks more like a 'dribble' where 'bursts' show every few second instead of a regular 'stream'. Anyone else get these popups with the same 'studding' problem, or worse yet a black screen with no video??

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    No. YouTube videos should work fine on anything over ~3Mbps, if you are getting stuttering there is some type of problem with your internet connection, or all your bandwidth is being consumed by something else.

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    Bandwidth is definitely not being consumed by something else.

    Any other input here??

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    It seems like your bandwidth is being consumed by something else. The youtube videos should work fine with the 30MB/s speed you have. Or you should try some fastest internet provider and see how the streaming works. Try changing your ISP with some better service providers in the market.

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    Other than the 'Tower' I use (PC), the only devices that 'consume' anything are two TiVo DVR's that only download Guide data one or twice a day and that is very little (just data) for periods of minutes.
    There only the two of us, no kids with vidiot games etc chocking bandwidth.

    If it is getting consumed by "something else" it isn't here, then it's before it gets here. The message Google puts up blames TWC.
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