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Thread: WDS with NETGEAR and TP-LINK Routers

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    Unhappy WDS with NETGEAR and TP-LINK Routers

    been using this website for a long time but figured i join to ask a big question. i have just purchased a TL-WR740N TP-LINK router to be a wireless repeater to my NETGEAR WPN824 v4 rangemax router. the reason why i wanted to use the repeater function is because the NETGEAR router is located at least 150 yards from my home. i have been using a TP-LINK USB router with a 30ft cable booster/repeater but some mobile devices wont connect to it because of security.

    now i did everything by the books on both routers. TP link connects to NETGEAR. everyone says to setup main router as and repeater router as

    on the TP LINK router it says its connected and im very sure signal strength is good (around 6dbi).

    on repeater router i disabled DHCP, enter min router MAC address and SSID.
    both routers are on the same channel.

    i took screenshots and notes of everything and so far i cant figure out the problem.

    i know its best to have same type of routers to do a WDS but im sure thats only true with certain models.

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    ok i found the problem - the problem was the TP-LINK router was in the closest part of the room at least 150 yards from the NETGEAR router. i used inSSIder and found it was being blocked by metal walls.

    heres a video of the inSSIder which made me replace my TP-LINK router outside and mount it.

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    can you tell me the procedures. i've also got the same models.

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