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Thread: Netgear WPN824 v3 Speed Problem Fix

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    Lightbulb Netgear WPN824 v3 Speed Problem Fix

    Netgear WPN824 v3 Speed Problem Fix


    Fix for Slow speed with NETGEAR WPN824 V3 and Macbook (Airport Wireless) and some Notebook Wireless Cards (broadcom 80211a/b/g) found on HP Pavillion dv6000.

    Dont bother with downloading updated firmware for Router yet. There just isnt one and they probably wont fix this issue anyways given that this is version 3 and it still doesnt work in "Auto 108Mbs", "802.g" or "802.b/g" mix mode....

    I had slow internet problem with Netgear WPN824 and Mac Notebook. After hours of messing around I discovered that if you force the settings in the "wireless" section of the "setup" process of the Netgear Router WPN824 to only use 802.b protocol you fix all issues with MAC notebooks (Airport) having slow download speeds. Dont worry about having only 11Mbs connection speed your cable connection will usually max out at 8Mbs anyways (For most of us). You still can enjoy the greater connection distance that the 824 delivers.

    I was also using a HP Pavillion dv6000 running Win XP and my speed seemed fine. After changing settings to suit the Mac I thought I would check to see if it had an adverse effect on my Windows Notebook. To my surprise I found that the setting change had INCREASED the speed of my Pavillion Notebook to about double what I previously had enjoyed when I thought I had 54Mbs connection. Tests showed that my Mac Notebook would return about 8000Kbs download and 550Kbs upload and my Pavillion would download at 3000Kbs and upload at 500Kbs average. You can run tests at
    Before forcing the 802.b setting I was attaining 800Kbs on my Mac and about 1100Kbs download on my Pavillion.

    Did the job for me
    Good Luck - hope this helps at least 1 poor desperate soul out there!

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    chrisjohn21, I love you. I, LOVE you.
    My original dl/ul speeds were 59/2496.
    Now at 4699/2634.

    My computer is a cyberpower desktop with a Gigabyte GN-WP01GS PCI WLAN Card(Turbo).
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    Works on Netgear WGR614 routers and Macbook Pros as well

    I registered and posted this just to say thanks, I called Comcast, had a tech here in my home from my business, two calls to Netgear, updated my Mac software, and your little suggestion solved the problem.



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    I'm very interested! I would love to find out more inforamtion related to this topic. Thanks in advance.
    me too, I need more detailed info

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    This is an old thread, I know, but chrisjohn21, I could kiss you for this.

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    Worked .b

    Tried nearly everything before without any success. Putting the router to .b worked for me, too. Thanks!

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