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Thread: Have to constantly reset modem and router

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    Have to constantly reset modem and router

    Ok my issue is I've got 4 computers in my wireless connection at my house and 3 of them can only keep an internet connection if the computer stays on. If the computer (mac g5, mac g3 laptop, and nintendo wii) shuts down, restarts, or wakes up from sleeping the computer can successfully get a connection to the router, but cannot get the internet. So, i am constantly having to go unplug the modem and router to reset them, and get the internet to finally work. Here's my equipment:

    mac g5 (airport card), mac g3 laptop (airport card), nintendo wii (wi-fi), and a custom pc (linksys wireless b ethernet bridge). the modem is a motorola sb 5100 surfboard cable modem, and the wireless router is a linksys 2.4GHz instant wireless series wireless b broadband router. i use cox cable as the internet provider.

    please let me know if you need more info, and someone please help!!!

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    manual or auto config???
    do u set the IP's thru the router (usually thru html)
    or the devices themselves??????

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    i have it detect ip addresses automatically, and i put in the settings by going to linksys' domain of

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    The B models are getting pretty old....might be starting to fail. One last attempt you can try.....updating the firmware to the latest. Also..try changing channels for the wireless, done through the web admin on the router, try 1 or 11.
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