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Thread: NetBios rule for Linksys WRT54G ?

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    Question NetBios rule for Linksys WRT54G ?


    Does anyone here know how to completely disable NetBios calls in and out to the Internet within a Linksys WRT54G v6?

    I don't want to disable NetBios in my computer network since I am sharing files and a printer with 1 Win ME machine and it needs it turned on.

    The reason for asking is because I have 3 computers sharing files with NetBios over TCP/IP enabled and all have access to the Internet through the same router.

    I think the router blocks NetBios access from the Internet, but it will not prevent any such attempt going out to the Internet from within the home network by default.

    Should I create and set up a NetBios rule in the router?

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    Unless you've DMZ'd your computer, or have certain ports open/forwarded to it (which you have to intentionally do, isn't done by default)..don't worry about it.
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    Thank you much for the info and sorry I took so long coming back, but was not allowed to log in from work.

    Chatting with some other people before, I was left with the impression that I needed to implement some rule in the router to be 100% sure that NetBIOs was not reaching out from within any of my computers to the Internet. Not one person knew how to make such a rule, I sure don't know either...

    Thanks again!

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