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Thread: Gas Prices, Up, Down, Same?

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    Gas Prices, Up, Down, Same?

    Haven't had a gas thread in a few days ... so here is this weeks

    I noticed that around here gas prices are starting to creep down. I am curious to see as a whole how things are coming along.

    So, are your gas prices going up, down, or staying the same?

    Around here I noticed it starting to come down a bit. I started noticing this afternoon. I went out and saw that 87 octane was at $1.95 (it was previously $1.99 or so last week) and on the way back I saw the same station had dropped it down to $1.89. I didn't get a chance to see any other stations around here, but I assume they are dropping somewhere around the same amount.

    I am glad to see 93 octane getting back down to $2.10, but I would really like to see it back into the $1.75 range

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    don't pay that much attention..
    they did seem to go down a bit though...

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    Down to $1.77 here
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    Lowest here I seen was 1.85$ for 87 Octane. IT's dropping
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    They raise it $.50, then drop it $.25 to make you think you are getting a good deal
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    Dropping a little bit, down to $2.25 for the 87 peewater gas. But it's going into summer time, peak tourist season in my it most likely won't go down much more until October or so.
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    havent checked only fill mine up like once every 3-4 weeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaLa
    don't pay that much attention..
    they did seem to go down a bit though...

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    It's down in this area too. $1.86 for 87 octane. Was in Chicago yesterday for the Cubs - Cardinal game and in town it was going for $2.25 for 87 octane. Going to Milwaukee this weekend for my brothers graduation. Probably touching $2.00 per gallon there also. We'll see.

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    Saw it at $1.82 today!!!!

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    It went down a little.

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    Down about 10 cents per litre.
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    $1.81 in a few places here...
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    1.99 or 2.00$+ everywhere here.



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    honestly, i haven;t even noticed.

    i am one of the lucky ones who live close to work. in my case, ~1.7 miles. so, don;t notice that much when it (the price of gas) goes up and down, since i only have to put maybe $20 to $30 a month in the tank, depending on how much other driving i have done
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